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Shout Down the Moon
Downtown, Apr 2004, 13.00, 320 pp. ISBN: 074346446X Though she knows that her ex-husband drug dealer Rick will soon be released on parole, Patty Taylor wants nothing to do with him. That part of her life is over and for that matter so is, she hopes, washing dishes or become an alcoholic piece of trash like her mother. Instead, she feels her life and that of her two year old son Willie has taken a turn for the better since Fred Larsen hired her ...
The Song Reader
Downtown Press(Pocket), May 2003, 12.00, 306 pp. ISBN: 0743464451 In Missouri, a car accident kills the mother of the Norris sisters leaving them with only each other as their father has not been around forever. The older sibling, Mary Beth uses her uncanny ability to know people's desires by “reading” the songs that stay and play inside their heads to earn money and prestige. As a song reader she has helped the townsfolk, who cherish her. By ...