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The Clique
When Claire Lyons and her family moves to Westchester, New York from Orlando, Florida, the young girl cannot imagine the lifestyle she is about to embark on. Due to an old friendship between her father, Jay, and a wealthy old college friend, Mr. Block, the Lyons family moves into the Blocks' guest house until they can afford to buy a property of their own. Upon seeing the luxurious home of the Blocks, complete with servants, a huge pool and personal dr...
The Pretty Committee Strikes Back
The Girls of Octavian Country Day School for girls are going on a week long trip to Lake Placid. But before they leave there are a lot things they have to fix. Claire is finally in the Pretty Committee, but just barley, and she is always looking over her shoulder to make sure that they aren't laughing at her. When she goes to the packing sleep over that they throw, then she finds that she can't afford anything on their list. Also, her boyfriend ...