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Hello America
Livia Bitton-Jackson is a Holocaust survivor who came to the United States after World War II. Surviving the Nazis was only part of Livia's life. Hello America tells about being new to the United States and learning about living in America. Livia learns what being free is really all about as she experiences every day life. It is a fine example of how Jewish people adapted to living in freedom. It is humorous in places. Everyday life that we take for gran...
I Have Lived a Thousand Years
This is an accurate and harrowing first-hand account of the suffering of Elli Friedmann, a 13 year Jewish old girl, and her family, living in Nazi-occupied Hungary in the Spring of 1944. Within a few months, Elli's secure and happy world was rocked by a series of events driven by the Nazi hatred of the Jewish race and culminating in the death and destruction of most of her family. Jewish families were forcibly removed from their homes following a p...