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Empire Of Bones
Bantam, April 2002, 5.99, 336 pp. ISBN 0553583778 In 2030 India, Hindu Fundamentalists take control of the government and reinstate the caste system. Riots erupt as the Untouchables try to reverse the political and social systems, but their caste and only their caste, are struck down by a deadly plague. This disease gives credence to the belief that the Untouchables are beneath the notice of the other, higher castes. Jaya Nihalani, an...
Nine Layers of Sky
Bantam, Sept 2003, 5.99, 448 pp. ISBN 0553584995 The collapse of the Soviet Union meant the end of hope for people like Elena. She had earned her degree in astrophysics and worked on earth on the construction of the MIR space station, hoping one day to go into space. Now she works at a cleaning woman in Uzbekistan selling black market goods across the border in Akazahstsn hoping to earn enough money so that she, her sister and mother can purcha...