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Mother Of the Bride
Ivy, Jun 2002, 6.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0804119600 In Kansas City, Cydney Parrish is stunned to learn that her beloved teenage niece Bebe who lives with her is marrying Aldo Munroe. Cydney did not even know nineteen-year old Bebe was even seriously dating one person let alone engaged. The wedding is to occur as soon as Bebe's Pulitzer Prize winning mother returns from Moscow next week. When Aldo's Uncle Gus, a best selling reclusive myste...
Return Engagement
Ivy, Nov 2003, 6.99 ISBN: 0804119619 Hollywood agent Vivienne Varner finds former heartthrob Noah Patrick deciding whether to kill himself after he self-destructs his career with booze. However, she offers the former TV star, a second chance, which he accepts. Years ago Noah co-starred with Vivienne's daughter Lindsay Varner West on the popular show Betwixt and Be Teen. However, Lindsay hated it and left town. Now Lindsay's sister Jolie has p...