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Leaving Brooklyn
Audrey is a 15 year old Jewish American girl growing up in the suburbs during the Post WWII Era. She comes from a middle class family and is comfortable, but she doesn't quite fit in because of a "bad" eye. Her parents try to hide his disfigurement by taking her to see an eye doctor who fits her with a contact lens to make it look normal. During the subsequent check ups, however, the doctor makes advances on Audrey and she loses her virginity to him. ...
The Writing on the Wall
One September morning, Renata witnesses the destruction of the Twin Towers from her stance on the Brooklyn Bridge. In the wake of this communal disaster, Renata peruses missing person posters, cares for an orphaned baby, and rescues an obviously confused, distressed teenager from the streets, becoming convinced this is her missing niece, daughter of her dead twin sister. Hovering in her mind at all times is her boyfriend, Jack, the first man she's eve...