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The Rose Queen
Sophie and Sam Shattenburg are running away from their evil stepmother who wants to send them off to boarding schools. With the help of Sam's friend Felix, they get fake identity cards and move to Venice, Ohio, to build new lives for themselves. Sophie enrolls at the local highschool where she meets new friends. But she also meets a snob named Noelle McGrime. They become instant enemies and Noelle always makes fun of Sophie. One day, Noelle disappears a...
The Unsuspecting Gourmet
Sophie and Sam Shattenburg are runaways. Their father died recently and their evil stepmother was going to separate them and send them to different boarding schools. But Sam and Sophie steal three thousand dollars from their dad's bank account and runaway to Venice, Ohio where they create new names for themselves and new lives. There, they meet new friends and Sam and Sophie become assistants for the hopeless, local detective Gus. They solve mysteries o...