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Pasta Imperfect
Pocket, August 2004, 6.50 ISBN 743482913 Not only does Emily Andrew works for the bank, but she is also the coordinator for the Windsor City Bank Senior Travel Club. She accompanies the members on a tour of Italy, but her luggage fails to arrive with those of the others. Members of the group include Nana, who wants to spend some time with George, but Emily's mother is also along and Nana has never told her about George. In addition, on the trip...
Top o' the Mournin'
Pocket, August 2003, 5.99, 320 pp. ISBN 0743458125 After learning her husband is gay, actress Emily Andrews leaves New York to return home to Iowa where she takes a job as an escort for a bank sponsored senior citizen tours. Last year she went to Switzerland where she was involved in a triple homicide (See ALPINE FOR YOU), caught a killer, and met the love of her life Swiss Detective Etienne Micelli. This year Emily escorts seniors to Ireland...