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Diamonds and Pearls
Francesca Lucchese was a struggling student, barely making ends meet so she could maintain some sort of independence from her loving but too protective family, when a lawyer changed her whole world. Francesca was stunned to discover that she was the sole heiress to the sixty-plus million dollar fortune of the Bloodworths. Turns out Mrs. Bergstrom, the widow of the last Bloodworth, left all of her estate to Francesca's father, Giovanni, who was her chauff...
Hustle, Sweet Love
Lacy Kingsley was quietly celebrating her success in landing a job as a writer for a major fashion magazine when she was approached by an older man looking for a night of "fun." When he asks her "how much?" she isn't sure what he is talking about at first and then she realizes that she is still dressed in the outrageously sexy black dress she just finished modeling on the runway. Giving in to the irresistible urge to have a little fun at his expense, she...
The Winter Serpent
This is a gritty story of a Scot's lass, beautiful and strong-willed, who will let no man break her pride. Dorieann is the beauty daughter of a Scots Chieftain and Pict mother. Her foster brother kills her father and assumes control of the Scots Clan. He desires Dorieann, but she refuses his advances. In his fury, he sells her to the Viking settles, fierce warriors of the Norse Bear Cult, believing she will kill herself rather than submit to them. Doriea...