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Sam Roth is a werewolf that has the responsibility of taking care of his newly assigned pack but has to navigate his emotions for one of them while finding a permanent cure from werewolf-ism for all of them. Sam Roth is an 18 year old werewolf who has just inherited the pack but has to navigate through love and the urge to be re-infected while also evaluating finding a cure for everyone. Sam was once able to change but after an infection of bacterial men...
The Raven Boys
Blue Sargent is the daughter of a physic that lives in Henrietta, Virginia. Every St. Mark's Eve Blue and her mother will sit at an abandon church wall and wait for spirits to come to them and tell them their names. The spirits that tell them their name, are the spirits that will die within 12 months time. Normally Blue has never seen the spirits, but on this St. Mark's Eve, while sitting with her aunt Neeve she finally sees a spirit. She goes up to ...