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All Quiet on the Orient Express
This simple tale of rural life in Northern England finds the goodnatured unnamed protagonist as the last camper on a campsite at the end of the holiday season. Soon the farmer who owns the campsite has put him to work painting his gate in lieu of rent. In the evenings he goes to the local pub and joins the darts team. The farmer's 15 year old daughter also takes advantage of him asking him to do her homework, but is she also flirting with him? He fai...
The Restraint of Beasts
"The Restraint of Beasts" is a work of black comedy, and was the first book written by Magnus Mills, a former bus driver. The unnamed main character works for a company in England installing cattle fencing on farms. He is given a promotion and sent on a long-term assignment to oversee the work of two rather dopey laborers, Tam and Richie, who are wannabe musicians. The three of them have to share a caravan while on the trip. They spend their days m...
The Scheme for Full Employment
A fleet of identical vans are driven by drivers going to warehouses and depots to pick up and deliver parts for Univans. All is well until human nature begins to creep in. A few drivers develop sidelines, delivering other items such as cakes along the routes. Gradually two distinct groups emerge: the Early Swervers, who believe their day should end when their route is finished, and the Flat Dayers, who believe everyone should put in the number of ho...