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Sighs Matter
Taylor and Claire have friends and relatives in common that would love to see them get together. In fact they did have a one night stand after Taylor's brother married Claire's best friend. Taylor, a police detective, felt the earth move and wanted to continue a relationship with Claire, an emergency room doctor. But, Claire has vowed to never get involved with a Cop and sneaks out before the night is over. She avoids him at all costs and is afraid t...
The Damsel in the Dress
Avon, Aug 2004, 5.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0060575336 In Seattle, mystery author and currently desk cop J. Soldier McKennett is annoyed that Port Henry Editor Betsy Tremaine rips his latest novel in her review. At the Northwest Crime and Punishment Writer's Conference in which Soldier will provide a talk he sees a woman who he immediately wants, a feeling he is unaccustomed to having. Betsy sees a man staring at her who she thinks is sexy, but wonders...
The Damsel in this Dress
Washington state detective J. Soldier McKennett has become a best selling author while he is on desk duty. Everyone seems to love his novels except the Port Henry Newspaper Editor Betsy Tremaine. She continues on her previous path and rips his fourth novel to shreds in his reviews. McKennett and his brother concoct what this reviewer must look like and have a good laugh. Betsy lives alone in the house she grew up with. She is currently dog sitting...