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Mistress of Rossmor
St. Martin's, August 2002, 320 pp. ISBN: 0312981325 In 1880, as a realistic single orphaned woman Grace Templar knows to expect little from life and thus wants very little in return. Besides keeping a respectable job, Grace wishes she would stop having the visions that occur anywhere at anytime. While in Rome as a secretary and companion, Grace suffers one of her attacks during a visit to the Forum. Alistair McLean, the lord of Rossmor, obse...
West of the Moon
Phoebe and Gordan were in love and were going to get married, but she never heard from him again. When her parents died his uncle asked her to come live with him as a housekeeper, but when she gets there she learns he has died and Gordan is the new Lord. He is now terribly disfigured, and she realizes that's why he never came back to marry her. After seeing a faerie castle and talking to Gordan's aunt, Phoebe becomes suspicious of how Gordan came to...