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Hot Boyz
Avon, May 2004, 13.95, 341 pp. ISBN: 0060590947 In Ladero Heights, California, few families could match the success of the three Wilson brothers. Mason is a wealthy successful golf pro married to a lovely woman and father to two delightful teens. Married Claude is the king of realty in the area as well as women even doing a mÚnage de trois. Finally the youngest Torino runs Mason's golf club, Foreplay and lives up to that name with any honey he...
The Chocolate Ship
Avon, Jan 2003, 13.95, 352 pp. ISBN: 0060011483 Perhaps as successful as any of the 100 Black men of America, billionaire businessman Delmonte Harrison sees his ultimate dream constructed when the CHOCOLATE SHIP, a love boat for African-Americans is ready for its maiden voyage. Delmonte feels he is sending a positive message with this ship that Black people in deed go on sea cruises as pampered guests not just as workers or in the past as cargo....