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Beyond The Pale
A young man, Travis, finds himself in possession of what turns out to be a magical stone. He encounters a young female doctor, Grace, and together they discover that there is a parallel dimension. As they are taken to another world they find that in this dimension Grace is the descendent of a long dead King and Travis is a rune breaker, someone who can will remake their world. Back on Earth there are strange things happening and Grace and Travis are p...
The First Stone
Bantam, Aug 2004, 6.99, 528 pp. ISBN: 055358344 Earth and Eldh always have been linked in some way beyond the understanding of humanity. On Eldh, magic is the commonplace norm while science rules the earth. Travis Wilder is a powerful mage on Eldh, but for the past three years he has lived on earth with his Beltan, an Eldh warrior with fairy blood. Their peaceful time together ends with earth and Eldh moving towards annihilation as a rift in...
The Gates of Winter
Bantam, August 2003, 6.99, 592 pp. ISBN 0553803344 War is coming to the medieval world of Eldh, a place where people fight using swords and magic. Mohg, Lord of Nightfall, plans to remake his home planet in his image. His minion, the Pale King toils at opening the Rune Gate so that his hordes can sweep through and prepare it for Mohg's return. Mohg and the Pale King also work with Duratek on Earth to open a portal to Eldh so that Mohg can retu...