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The God Decrees
Julia Morton is a gymnast with very specific plans for her life. Being magically summoned to a fortress under siege, was not what she had in mind. Now Julia must put aside her dreams of winning gold and fight for her life. A power mad sorcerer is intent on killing her, a young mage is in awe of her, and a powerful lord is falling in love with her when he's not arguing with her! Julia's life just became very complicated indeed! ...
The Power That Binds
The Power That Binds is the second book in The Devan Chronicles. Julia has recovered from events in The God Decrees and we now find her living in Fortress Athione with lord Keverin as her lover and future consort. On a trip to the site of a new town being constructed for those diposessed in the war, Julia is attacked and nearly killed by Tanjung assassins. Meanwhile, Navarien has been ordered to conquer three northern cities for his master lord Mortain. ...
The Warrior Within
The Warrior Within is the third book of The Devan Chronicles. Julia Morton is living among the Camorshin as a Shaman. Keverin rides north to bring her home but Julia feels obligated to help the clans fight the Protectorate's fifth legion and defies him. When Keverin finds out that his hated enemy (Demophon) is still alive he vows to kill him or die trying. The clash between the clans and Navarien's legion has long been prophesied, but the future is cloud...