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All his Jazz : The Life and Death of Bob Fosse
Bob Fosse was the academy award winning director of the movie Cabaret. He also directed the movie All that Jazz, an autobiographical story about a movie director who drinks and womanizes too much, and ends up dying of a heart attack. Gottfried takes the title of his biography of Fosse from this movie because Fosse actually died of a heart attack, eight years after filming All the Jazz. Fosse choregraphed and directed great Broadway musicals, including...
Nobody's Fool: The Lives Of Danny Kaye
A twinkly-eyed jolly Hans Christian Andersen he was not, despite what the movies led us to believe. Instead, as the first full length biography of the master of the absurd, Danny Kaye, makes clear, he was bereft of humor off stage. What he had, according to this biographer, was a penchant for the small, the petty, the spiteful, and a great gift for scene stealing. However, none of that detracts from the actor's one-of-a-kind genius. While...