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Paradise Found
Zebra, Mar 2002, 5.99 ISBN: 0821772805 The accident left Matthew Brandon blind and a recluse refusing to allow the world to see him. His despondent brother Adam begs family friend, psychologist Jeff Sanders, to fly across the continent to California to see Matthew. Though willing he cannot leave his wife pregnant with complications at this moment. Jeff asks his partner Sara Hamilton to fill in temporally until he can arrive. Sara believes...
Simple Riches
Zebra, Aug 2002, 5.99, 315 pp. ISBN: 0821772813 Helen and Walter Chamberlain raised their niece Alexandra after the deaths of the girl's parents. Unlike her parents, her guardians taught Alex that one must always be professional and work harder than anyone else does if they are to succeed. Alex adheres to that guidance as she kills herself in order to make her uncle proud of her accomplishments while working for his company, developers of luxur...