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Spiral Passage
Spiral Passage continues the trilogy story that began with Stolen Shadows, and gives candid insight to personal disability issues. Two gay college students are hired as employees to help out at the estate in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts. But Buddy becomes seriously injured in a campus hate crime that renders him a temporary rehab patient. His coworker, Noah, is still suffering from the emotional scars of a fire that occured three years...
Stolen Shadows
Highly acclaimed physiatrist, Dr. Lauren McFadden, and physical therapist/husband, Bryan, leave their prestigious medical positions to open their hearts and a new home to abandoned and abused teenagers that have special needs. But a turbulent past causes Lauren to question her ability to be a parent and Bryan must come to terms with his own abusive past before he can help the boys that so desperately need his guidance. Soon the couple realizes there ar...