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Heart of Fire
ImaJinn, Feb 2003, 14.50 ISBN: 1893896919 In 1812, King Nicholas Rostov of Laurentia visits neighboring Jehanna to form an alliance with King Iman Hadar against Napoleon. However, Hadar claims neutrality and refuses to join the fight against the French Emperor. That night the slave Sera comes to Nicholas' room and saves His Highness' life when the assassins of the Brotherhood, abetted by Hadar, try to kill him. Nicholas takes Sera home with ...
The Moon Runners
Five Star, Jan 2004, 25.95, 356 pp. ISBN: 159414107X In 1350 BC, Melanion thinks back to his death bed pledge to his dying mother that he would protect her homeland Thessaly from his father King Kryton of Macedonia without hurting his sire. However, the time to act on his vow has arrived as the King's High Commander Polymus plans to invade and plunder Thessaly, killing anyone in his way. Artemis names Thessaly Princess Atalante as her war lea...