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China Mountain Zhang
This book is set in a future America that has undergone a socialist revolution, where China has become the power center of the world. While the story ranges from New York City to Baffin Island, from a Chinese University to a colony on Mars, the real focus and strength lies in the characters. Their lives are rendered in incredible detail, with sensitivity and insight. This is a fictional world where real people live. ...
NEKROPOLIS Eos, Sept 2001, 24.00, 272 pp. ISBN: 0380974576 In a future Morocco, slavery is legal, an institution deeply ingrained into the fiber of society. Slaves are jessed, given mind-altering drugs that make them loyal and eager to please their master. Hariba, born into poverty in the NEKROPOLIS, actually lived with her family in adjoining crypts until her brother was caught in the sin of adultery. He was flogged and sentenced to thirte...