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Alone in an Untamed Land
After their father dies of smallpox in the winter of 1666, thirteen-year-old Helene St. Onge and her older sister, sixteen-year-old Catherine, are left all alone in the world, their mother having died when Helene was a baby. Catherine decides they will leave France to make a new life in the New World. New France is mostly populated by men, and women are needed for their wives. Catherine will marry a settler, and Helene will help in her household until sh...
Sister to the Wolf
Cecile and her friend, an Indian named Lesharo, break societal conventions in the small white settlement they live in by falling in love and choosing to live a life free of constrictions and discrimination. Cecile Chesne is a young French-Canadian girl who feels restricted by the societal pressures of the world she lives in. One day, Cecile witnesses a "pani" (a native Indian slave) be branded. She is horrified that people commit such brutality on other ...
The Death of My Country
When Genevieve was about five years old, she and her older brother were the only survivors of a raid on their Abenaki village. Taken to the French colony of Quebec, they were taken in by a kind childless couple. Genevieve eventually became more French than Indian, although her brother never really adjusted and eventually went to live with other Abenaki. Now Genevieve is twelve years old and the year is 1759. A war rages between France and England over co...