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A Song Flung Up to Heaven
The book is one of the six autobiographical books written by Maya Angelou. In this book, Maya Angelou returns to the United States after living in Ghana for a year or two to work with Malcolm X. But the first thing she tells Malcolm that she must do once she arrives is to go to California to reunite with her mother and brother. As soon as she arrives at her old home, she is told that Malcolm X has been assassinated. Maya becomes very upset since she h...
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
This is the autobiography of Maya Angelou's harsh and unpleasant childhood. She and her brother were shuttled from relatives in the dirt poor rural south to then live for a time in St. Louis with their pretty but irresponsible mother. Eventually they met their father. The book shows the ignorance and prejudice of both black and white people in the 30's and 40's. In St. Louis, Maya is molested as a young girl by an acquaintance of her mother. In Cali...
Letter to My Daughter
Written by poet and author Maya Angelou, this book is a collection of her life events that aim to inspire and encourage the reader. The entire book involves Maya Angelou inspiringly speaking directly to the reader. The book starts with Maya telling the reader that she has learned many lessons which she wants to share. Although Maya only has one child, she says that she has thousands of daughters all around the world, of every religion, race, sexual orien...