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King of Attolia
The Thief of Eddis, Eugenides, has married the Queen of Attolia. However, his marriage is accompanied with the crown of a King. Eugenides faces the ridicule and machinations of an Attolian court hostile to its unwanted and reluctant King. Court intrigues notwithstanding, there are also the Medes who threaten to bring war to Attolia as everyone watches for Eugenides' next move. Attolia's neighbors, Sounis and Eddis must also be watched and it looks like E...
The Queen of Attolia
Eugenides is a master thief, but a trap is closing in on him. He doesn't manage to escape and the Queen of Attolia captures him. Eugenides is the cousin of the Queen of Eddis, and he ususally steal information for her. Attolia decides that she will enforce the traditional punishment for thieves and cuts off one of Eugenides hands because she wants to send a message to the Queen of Eddis. Eugenides is barely alive when he gets home. Slowly the doct...
The Thief
The book opens up with the thief Gen being locked in a prison. We are soon introduced to the Magus of Sounis, who proposes that Gen helps the King obtain the Hamiathe's Gift, a legendary stone with magical powers. The Magus's two students and one of the students' bodyguard come along. Although Gen is not liked in the beginning, eventually he makes friends with everyone but the older of the Magus's students. When the party reaches the river where the M...