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Looking for Alibrandi
Josie Alibrandi is an girl from Italian descent who is growing up in Sydney, Australia. Josie is on scholarship at a prestigious Catholic school where it matters what her father does. Josie doesn't know who her father is as she lives with her mum, Christina, all she knows was that her mother had her against her fathers wishes when she was in her late teens. Josie and her mother's lives are interfered with by Nonna Katia, Christina's mother. Josie's ...
Saving Francesca
Francesca Spinelli is in year eleven at St Sebastians School for Boys which has only this year opened for girls. There are about thirty girls at the school and most of the boys are pigs. Francesca lives with her mother Mia, her father Robert, her brother Luca and their dog, Pinocchio. One morning Mia doesn't get out of bed. Everyone says it is just 'a bit of a breakdown' but Francesca knows it is more than that. She is used to Mia always butting int...