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See Jane Date
SEE JANE DATE Red Dress, Nov 2001, 12.95, 288 pp. ISBN: 0373870892 It is not that easy being a single late twenties female living in New York City. Everyone Jane sees seems paired and her closest friends want to set her up with someone one so she can share in coupling bliss. Her cousin Dana is marrying in two months and Jane desperately wants a date to quiet her relatives about her prospects. Her best friend's husband knows a lot of eligibl...
The Solomon Sisters Wise Up
Sarah Solomon is a single writer for a woman's magazine living and working in New York City. During a very rough week Sarah discovers that she is pregnant by her boyfriend of two months, Griffin, and then receives a wedding announcement from her fiftyish father, who is marrying a woman younger than herself. When she informs Griffin that she is expecting their child he treats her as if she has the bubonic plague and then weakly informs her that he is no...
Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?
Red Dress, Dec 2004, 12.95, 256 pp. ISBN: 0373250770 WOW Weddings provides the 100,000 funding for each of two marriage ceremonies if the brides agree to being videotaped, keep journals, and accept the type of ceremony offered. Thinking she will receive a free wedding, co-workers Eloise and Philippa agree to the terms. Eloise will have a modern ceremony while Phyl will be more of a traditional bride. Rather quickly, the two brides learn that...