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In a treaty arrangement Val's daughter Signy is married off to Conor. When Conor later arranges the death of Signy's family, and only Siggy survives, Signy starts on her path to revenge. As Conor is seeking rule over the surrounding lands, he is fighting off the halfmen, his citizens, and even the gods....
A teenage girl, Gemma, living in England in the '80s is bored with her life and hates her parents so she decides to run away with her boyfriend to the city of Bristol. They befriend two heroine addicts and eventually become addicts themselves. They live in squats and steal and prostitute themselves to survive. ...
Two teens escape their oppressive homes to live with anarchist squatters, only to become entrenched in heroin addiction and crime. "Smack" is about two youths who leave their homes to search for a better life, only to wind up squatting in abandoned houses and struggling with heroin addiction. Tar and Gemma are discontent with their home lives; Tar's father is abusive while Gemma feels bored and encumbered by her parents' rules. Tar escapes from his house...