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Beyond World's End
Eric Banyon has just returned from a long sojourn in Underhill where he has learned to harness his bardic powers fully and wants to go back to Julliard to finish up his formal education even though he is now a fully trained Bard. Through eleven magic he no longer has to worry about money and the many years that he has spent Underhill has allowed anyone that might wonder about him to give up. Yet all isn't well because a powerful Unseleighe Sidhe Lord ...
Mad Maudlin
Baen, Aug 2003, 25.00, 438 pp. ISBN: 0743471431 Eric Banyon has graduated from Juilliard, not an easy task for the average student, but for Eric attaining the diploma was a bit more difficult than average due to a learning disability. Needing to use his magical Bard abilities to save someone, usually himself, occasionally disrupted his study time. Eric decides to visit his parents in Boston. Meanwhile Elf Prince Jachiel ap Gabrevys, better k...
Spirits White As Lightning
Mercedes Lackey & Rosemary Edgehill Baen, Dec 2001, 24.00, 437 pp. ISBN: 0671318535 In one realm Sir Eric Banyon, known there as Silverflute, a Queen's Knight, is a hero who saved the world. On a more earthly plane, Eric is a Juilliard student flautist who flunked Introduction to Music Theory because he missed his midterm saving the world from Aerune. Eric attends summer school to make up the credits and stay in school. Of course Eric...