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Birth of the Firebringer
In the Birth of the Firebringer, the first of a trilogy by fantasy author Meredith Ann Pierce, the reader is plunged into the fantastic world of the unicorns. The tale follows Alijan, or dark moon, the prince of the unicorns. This proud race has been driven out of their ancestral home by a sly race name wyerns. Now they are at war to once again return to their home. They take temporary residence in a Vale and must withstand attacks from vicious carnivoro...
Dark Moon
Dark Moon picks up two years after Birth of the Firebringer. Jan is the youngest battle-prince the unicorns have ever had and the legendary Firebringer. As usual, young upcoupled unicorns spend a summer by the sea to court and ultimatley pledge themselves for life to a mate. Jan chooses his longtime friend, Tek. However, the summer takes a turn for a raid when a band of gryphons attack the group. Jan is tossed into the ocean and assumed dead by the unico...
Son of Summer Stars
Aljan, the black unicorn battle prince, parlays with the gryphons in the Vale. When the gryphons depart, Korr, Aljan's father, and King openly critizes his son for parlaying with former enemies. When Aljan's dam, Ses, and Tek's mother, Jah-lila, come to his defence, Korr flees the Vale. Aljan follows leaving his mate, Tek, in charge of the herd. Aljan follows his father healing all the wounds that were inficted by Korr. His journy brings him to a gr...