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The Hummingbird Wizard (Thriller/Action)
Forge, Sept 2003, 24.95, 400 pp. ISBN 0765307693 Many years ago Annie married into the Szabo clan of gypsies and acquired a huge extended family. At her wedding her best friend Jerry met her new sister-in-law Capri and fell in love with her. They got married, had a child together and somewhere along the way, they lost their emotional connection and got a divorce. Jerry stayed connected to the Szabo clan and looked out for them while Annie trie...
The Hummingbird Wizard (Literature)
Annie Szabo married into and was widowed out of a crazy gypsy family. Now, more than twenties years later, the death of her friend and occasional lover Jerry drags her back into the madness. Jerry was her mother-in-law Mina's lawyer as well as the ex-husband of Mina's daughter (the sister of Annie's dead husband). Mina is determined to find out who killed Jerry (she is sure it was a potion), as well as to retrieve certain paperwork that he had drawn u...
The Red Hot Empress
When Annie's loony gypsy mother-in-law told her about Jimmy Qi and his ability to heal and mend by "toning", she simply thought it would make a good story. And, since that what she had come into the city for, she wrote it. Unfortunately, a child who can heal people by using an innate ability with his voice brings a lot of crazies out of the woodwork. Soon, Jimmy has a phony evangelist, the FBI, the local branch of an oriental gang, the Center for Dise...