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"Gormenghast" continues the story begun in "Titus Groan." Titus is the future ruler of the city-state of Gormenghast, an exacting and inward-looking society; the book covers his life from childhood to early teens. As the book begins, Gormenghast has been invaded by a destructive force in the form of the ambitious and scheming former kitchen servant Steerpike. Most of the book is devoted to the parallel searches for identity, love and companionship on ...
Titus Groan
Gormenghast is a huge city, filled with smaller cities subcomunities all dictated by class. The antagonist is Steerpike, a kitchen by (which is one of the lowest class) who is in love with Lady Fuchsia, the dreamer daughter of the presiding Lord Groan. He works his way up from the bottom to the top of the class system through killing and hurting, determined to have Fuchsia notice him. He wants revenge on Gormenghast because of its mistreating him and ...