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The Abduction
Abducted from their homelands by sailor Norwegians, Poq and Osuqo must face tremendous obstacles and hardships alone as the ship takes them to its native land and even more when they get there. Osuqo's father has been murdered, and she and Poq are away from everything and everyone they've ever known. Upon arrival to Norway, they are instantly named 'savages' by the people of the town and are constantly humiliated, tortured, and forced to conform to an un...
The Dark Light
Tora is a 13 year old girl living on a farm in Napoleonic Norway. After her mother dies of a disease, Tora gets by leprosy. She is sent away to a poverty-stricken hospital for lepers in the large town called Bergen. In this hospital, Tora meets a most dislikable character, who also happens to be the only patient who can read. Tora must convince a blood-sucking lady to teach her to read before either of them die of the fatal disease. Tora not only su...