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Full Circle (Science Fiction)
The last tyrannosaur has passed away. So has her mate, her young, and all of the beasts they fed upon. Extinction will claim them all. Almost all of the dinosaurs will soon be wiped out by a truly monstrous virus. The remains of one very special animal are entombed by an ancient earthquake, preserving the virus in a region that will eventually become an Arctic wasteland. Fast forward sixty-five million years, to the year 2025, when a Chinese research...
Full Circle (Thriller/Action)
This book describes a fictional epidemic, but most of all it is a story about people facing an impossible situation. The book begins sixty-five million years ago when the dinosaurs are killed by a disease, but one of them is preserved in a freak accident. The bones are recovered with the virus still inside, and it soon gets loose. From that point on it does pretty much what it did millions of years before, but this time the victims include humans. Th...