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A Dream Of Wolves
Michael C. White HarperCollins, Feb 2001, 24.00, 386 pp. ISBN: 0060194324 In the southern side of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, Doc Jordan works as an obstetrician/gynecologist as well as the medical examiner. Doc's personal life remains in shambles ever since his son died fourteen years ago. Neither he nor his separated wife found solace in one another with Annabel tending to float in and out of his life. Instead Doc lives for...
Soul Catcher
The Soul Catcher, is a historical drama with added romance and gives the reader a detailed account of the ills of slavery. The book begins a few years before the American Civil War at the time when Americans are drifting apart due to political views. We meet up with Augustus Cain, a former solider who fought in the Mexican American War in the 1840s. Cain now is trying his best to make a measly living catching runaway slaves, the slaves nicknamed this kin...