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Solomon Spring
Forge, Sept 2002, 24.95, 304 pp. ISBN 0765304651 In 1879, Brad Randall, the Commissioner for Indian Affairs feels ineffectual in his post because he knows how the Indians are being treated and is in no position to help them. When he finds out his wife is cheating on him with his assistant, he leaves her and journeys out west, hoping to help the Native-Americans. He also wants to find Eden Murdoch who he has not seen or heard from in ten years t...
The Second Glass of Absinthe
Forge, Sept 2003, 24.95, 320 pp. ISBN 0765308541 In 1880 Leadville, Colorado is booming thanks to the vein of silver being taken out of the Eye Dazzler Mine. Lucinda Ridenour, the owner of the mine, is keeping her young lover in luxurious style indulging in all kinds of debauched pleasures including drugs and the strong liquor absinthe. The last night Kit Randall spends in his lover's home, he has some hallucinations that scare him because he t...