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A young advertising assistant has fallen in love and moved in with her boss (not the best thing) but then on her birthday she expects a ring and instead finds out he is getting engaged to someone else. Emma is more than the secretary though her boss has been using her ideas to get ahead in the Ad Agency. The book follows Emma's life as she is forced to find a new place to live, continue to work for the man that has dumped her, and deal with family pr...
Call Waiting
Avon, Aug 2004, 10.95, 320 pp. ISBN: 0060560363 Having just turned thirty-one, Emma Taylor contentedly reflects back on her last year following the disasters just prior to her thirtieth birthday. Though not her first love (Led Zeppelin is first) she has been with Jack Brown for eight months and has reconciled with her underweight body accentuated by her 32AA boobs. She feels positive about her promotion to Junior Account Manager among the rest ...
Confessions Of A Serial Dater
Rosie Mayford is a single British woman living in London who owns an employment agency called Odd Jobs. When Rosie attends a work related Christmas party with her boyfriend Jonathan she finds herself on the receiving end of Jonathan's lecherous boss, Sidney Smythe Lawrence. On several past occasions "Horrible Boss" has subjected her to sexual harassment. Unfortunately, Jonathan cares more about salvaging his job and protecting his boss' hide than he d...