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Confidence Game
Bantam, Oct 2003, 5.99, 424 pp. ISBN 0553586272 In the country of Dabion, the Justices who make the laws and the Public Force militia rule the people. Certain colored jewelry and ornamentation are banned and anyone who has or uses magic is sentenced to death. Dabion has conquered its neighbors except for Sor'raia where magic is the norm and its borders are closed. Elizith Kor is the most successful spy in the Secret Force due in part to her ...
The Bright and the Dark
Bantam, August 2003, 6.50, 391 pp. ISBN 0553586289 The Kingdom of Dabion has conquered all its neighbors and repressed their peoples. It is a repressive regime with strictly enforced laws that limit the freedoms of the common person and insure one neighborhood looks like any other. The ruling Lord Justices rule are corrupt and there is much in fighting and intrigue so that distrust colors all actions. Filled with anger and emotional pain, Aron,...