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Dinner for Two
Downtown, Jul 2004, 13.00, 352 pp. ISBN: 0743477669 In London, thirty-one years old Dave Harding is a music journalist for Louder magazine, a publication that boasts that its audience is “people who live for music” while his beloved wife Izzy works at Femme Magazine. He likes his work there so is a bit taken back when the magazine folds. Through a friend Jenny, Izzy gets Dave a job as an agony aunt at Teen Scene. Dave provides relationship a...
Mr. Commitment
Duffy has a great relationship with his loving girlfriend of four years, Mel. On one of their regular Thursday nights in together, she suddenly proposes living together, and hints at marriage. Despite his love for her, Duffy feels a sudden wild wild panic at the thought of this commitment. His hesitation is obvious. Mel breaks off their relationship, and Duffy is left in a romantic dilemma - why, if he truly loves Mel, can he not commit to her? Newly...
My Legendary Girlfriend
Will Kelly is a 26-year-old teacher of English with one huge problem: his legendary girlfriend, Aggi, has left him. And he can't get over it. For three years now. He has taken up job, teaching English in a comprehensive school, and he hates it. He has moved London and rented an apartment which turned out to be a dump. His life is in shambles... Then he heard of Kate. She was the previous tenant of his dump. She was out of the ordinary. She was on the ...