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Jack Caffery is a hardened policeman who can track down merciless killers, but can't say goodbye to the woman he no longer loves. So when five bodies are discovered in various stages of decay, Jack throws himself into the case, hoping to forget his girlfriend, Victoria. Haunted by the disapearance of his older brother, Ewan, when they were just children, Jack has never stopped looking for him. ...
Two stories are interwoven in 'Tokyo.' On the one hand, there is the diary of a Chinese written during the Chinese-Japanese war (late thirties) in the weeks leading up to the massacre of Nanking. On the other hand, there is the story of 'Grey' Hutchins. Grey is a young woman who has spent part of her youth in a mental institution. The reason why is handed over to the reader excruciatingly slowly. What we do know, is that during this stay in the insti...