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A girl finds out she is a witch when her father ships her off to boarding school. Katy age 16 was sent to Whitfield, Massachusetts by her father and his girlfriend. To a boarding school called Ainsworth. The school was build in 1691 by her ancestor Serenity Ainsworth. Which Katy actually knows nothing about because her father has never told her about her mother or anyone on her side of the family. As far as Katy knows her last name is Jessouver, which is...
The Third Magic
Forge, Sep 2003, 24.95, 448 pp. ISBN: 031286440X Merlin and Hal Woczniak keep young Arthur Blessing safe as he moves closer to regaining his Pendragon powers though the lad is a media sensation. Hal, better known as Galahad, happens to also loves Arthur's aunt Emily. The rest of the old team of Knights of the Round Table belongs to a motorcycle gang. When Arthur drinks from a spring containing the Holy Grail, he gains the ability to heal peo...