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Fatal Visions
Fatal Visions is a fast-paced mystery novel by Monette Michaels. Her gift for creating characters is an awesome one! She has you holding your breath when they get into a dangerous situation, and a warm feeling when something good happens to them. Morgan Smith (Tarrant) a lonely woman because of her psychic capabilities, first discovers Darien on the subway. She see's his evil doings full force, and they terrify her. Though she reports the murders ...
Green Fire
LTD, 2003, 20.99 ISBN: 1553164822 NYC jewelry designer Lisa MacDougall quits when her employer Andrei Romanoff attempts to rape her. Still knowing she needs to escape before her obsessed boss completes his perverted quest, Lisa travels to some remote property she inherited from an uncle she never heard of in North Carolina. What she does not know is that she also inherited something from her father that will soon surface. DEA agent Marco San...