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Closed at Dusk
The family living at the mansion known as The Sanctuary don't have any enemies - or so they think. But daughter Teresa has one: the ex-wife of her ex-husband, come to get her revenge on Teresa for wrecking her marriage. Cleverly disguided, the woman slowly makes herself indispensable to the family, all the while plotting how best to exact her revenge on Teresa for taking her husband, and on her parents for not stopping her. Practicing on an old woman and...
My Fair Lady
The novel form of George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion has the witty banter and quotes we all know and love. We get to laugh along as Eliza Doolittle turns from cockney flower girl to a lovely addition to "proper" society, but will she like the transformation and will Henry Higgins see her as anything other than an experiment?...
One Pair of Hands
This is Monica Dickens' memoir of her one-and-half years as a cook general and housemaid in the 1930's, and a look at a profession that doesn't exist any more. Dickens started this work because she was bored and didn't have anything to do with herself, rather than from any real need for money. She mostly worked for respectable middle class families, but she also got a taste of working as a cook at a country manor. She was fired when her first employer's...