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Invitation to the Game
It is the year 2154 and all jobs are done by robots. Lizzie and her friends are unemployed when they graduate and are assigned to an unemployed neighborhood. They form a life for themselves there, doing art and other jobs to get extra money. Then an invitation to a game in another part of the city shows up and, following it, they find a virtual reality world which they explore. Every time they play the game seems more and more realistic, until they f...
Ring-Rise, Ring-Set
The Earth gets a hold of a comet which causes a new ice age. A group of people known as Techs forms a city where life is hard. Women and kids have to do boring work while the men try to bring the light of the sun back to the Earth. Liza decided to stow away with the men but that doesn't have a good result. Lize puts her own life in danger until a member of another group of people called Ekos findher. Liza noticed a life that the Techs have long forgotten...
The Faces of Fear
This is about a girl who has recently been handicapped and confined to a wheelchair. Her father has given the opportunity to test out the new virtual reality system he'd created. She decides to offer her only friend, a boy she met on the internet but has never seen in person, the chance to join her. Once their inside the game, she is finally able "use" her legs. The only way out, however, is for her to face all her fears, including her fear of people...