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Warner, July 2001, 23.95, 354 pp. ISBN: 044652753X Clio Pratt made sure the membership committee of the Fair Lawn Country Club of Southampton, Long Island rejected the application of cardiologist Dr. Henry Lewis because he is black. She follows that friendly gesture by refusing to lend any money to her stepdaughter Suffolk County prosecutor Frances Pratt. Other individuals also suffer from Clio's cantankerous clout. Someone finally d...
Warner, Jul 2003, 23.95, 336 pp. ISBN: 0446527548 Manchester-by-the-Sea on Massachusetts' North Shore's overly indulged Hope Lawrence is having second and third thoughts about her pending marriage to Jack Cabot III, heir to a fortune. Her prime problem is that she does not love the catch of the decade, but instead loves Carl LeFleur. However, her snobbish family expects her to wed the aristocratic the Third and not some lobsterman. If that w...