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A Bridge to Love
Berkley, Aug 2003, 5.99, 304 pp. ISBN: 0425191265 Though over a year has passed since her beloved husband David died, leaving her alone with two “adult” preadolescent sons, Kate Chilton still misses him after fourteen years together. At a party, she meets business mogul Randall Johnson, who invites her to dinner, but Kate declines, as she feels disloyal and not ready to date. Her memory of David undergoes a paradigm switch when an architectur...
Shower of Stars
Berkley, Jul 2004 ISBN: 0425197115 In Manhattan, freelance reporter Charlie Bresland is conducting an interview of famous meteorite hunter Jack Lanett for the New York Times. Jack and his partner Miguel MacPherson are controversial figures because they sell many of their findings to the highest bidder. Currently thy have on auction a Shara-Mars gem that has angered bio-astronomer Dr. Peter Burke who believes all findings belong to science not a...