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The Seat Beside Me
Multnomah, Jan 2002, 10.99, 450 pp. ISBN 1575738841 It is a cold wintry day when the takeoff of a flight to Arizona is delayed due to the inclement weather. While waiting on the tarmac, aisle mates become acquainted and though they do not know it yet, their lives will be changed by that encounter in ways to numerous to mention. Merry is on the way to Arizona to stay with her single girlfriend and is dismayed that her husband and daugh...
Time Lottery
Alexander MacMillan takes a job as a public relations expert with Time Travel Corporation (TTC). He oversees the televised drawing in the first ever lottery which will allow three people to travel through time back in their lives to make changes which affect their lives now, or to stay in their Alternity, their altered past. Phoebe Thurgood is the first chosen. Her Alternity takes her back before she met and married her overbearing, controlling husba...