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Fires of the Faithful
Eliana is a dedicated music student at a conservatory. Her greatest dream is to become a member of an ensemble to perform in the prestigious Imperial Court. Although Eliana is caught up in her music and her studies, she cannot help but worry about how the famine that is ravaging the land is affecting her family at home. When she gets a new roommate, Mira, she begins to learn of the old religion. For the first time in her life, she begins to doubt the Fed...
Freedom's Gate
Bantam, July 2004, 6.99, 359 pp. ISBN 05535867434 The Macedonian Empire wanes after Alexander dies until Penelope, the founder of the Sisterhood of the Weavers, learned how to control the aeriika (djinn). The empire took back what it had lost. Most countries accepted that the Greeks were their overlords but the Danibeki fought for their freedom. As a result, the rivers Janarles and Oxus were dried up by the aeriika leaving the population to val...
Turning The Storm
Bantam, Jan 2003, 6.99, 384 pp. ISBN 0553585509 The perfume war fought between the mages of Verdiana and those of the Kingdom of Vesuvia devastated the lands leaving behind a desert. Out of this fiasco, the Fedeli force everyone to practice their religion while the Circle of Mages hones their skills for the next battle. The Fideli assault the conservatory where Eliana practiced the violin. She flees to the wasteland, where she eventually lea...