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Nathaniel Hawthorne Message Board 1/1/2012
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The Blithedale Romance
A group of progressive 19th century thinkers live and work together in a utopian community called Blithedale. The story centers on Miles Coverdale, who arrives at the commune/utopian society of Blithedale. Everyone works together to provide for themselves, a contrast from life in cities -- it is intended to be a return back to the way society used to be. The community is a diverse group of progressive thinkers who chose to live a life outside of societ...
The Scarlet Letter
A 17th century young woman faces persecution in the puritanical Massachusetts Bay Colony for having a child with a man who is not her husband. The Scarlet Letter is Hawthorne's response to the oppressive reality to Puritan society. After discovering his ancestors actually took place in the witch hunts, Hawthorne wrote this expressive novel about a woman who simply wanted to live. Hester Prynne, a young girl given away by her parents to man nearing the wi...