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Revolution No. 9
HarperCollins, Jan 2005, 15.95 ISBN: 0060529180 In Northern California, Marguerite comes to the home of Dr. Carroll Monks asking for help with a flat tire. He goes to look, but inside the vehicle he recognizes a face he has not seen in five years, his estrange son Glenn. Before he can recover from his shock, Monks is tied up and placed on the floor of the SUV. A few hours later even deeper into the mountains, Monks meets "Freeboot," leader o...
To The Bone
Harper Collins, Sept 2003, 23.95, 250 pp. ISBN: 0060529164 She is a young beautiful woman who went from porn star to an actress having good parts in daytime drama. She has just had breast augmentation surgery and the boyfriend who was supposed to be staying with her left her alone and in pain. As time goes on the pain becomes unbearable and Eden Hale is barely able to make the 911 for an ambulance before becoming unconscious. By the time the ...