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A Walk on the Wild Side
Dove Linkhorn, a teenager, leaves Texas and hopes to find something better in New Orleans. It is the Great Depression, there are no jobs, and Dove cannot read. He tries working on a ship, selling coffee pots, making colorful condoms, but finds he is best paid using his body to "de-flower" a "virgin" in peep-shows. Feeling degraded, he starts drinking heavily. Meanwhile, he falls for one of the most beautiful prostitutes in the brothel he works for, M...
Never Come Morning
Bruno Bicek and Steffi R have dreams beyond the reality of their Chicago City existence and the nightmarish control of the Barber, Bonifacy Konstantine. Bruno Bicek is a boxing contender and Steffi R is the girlfriend he let be gang-raped. The Barber knows this and that Bruno Bicek has murdered one of the gang. The Barber has Steffi R in his grasp and has no intention of letting her go. Bruno Bicek is sure of his chances and intends taking her from him. ...
The Man with the Golden Arm
A weak willed inner city back ally hustler, whos only real talent is his dexterity with a deck of cards, becomes hooked on drugs. And as his tragic and short life spins out of control I found the city of Chicago (circa 1949) constantly stealing the show. Nelson Algrens' vivid decriptions of the citys underbelly can not be matched for there gritty realism. So much so that to really enjoy and understand this book I would recommend reading it twice. With th...